Tinted Tail Lights

Protective Film or Tinted Tail Light Covers?

protective film or tinted tail light covers

Tinted Tail Lights

Head and tail lights are rather expensive to replace. The fact that they are made of glass increases the chance of damage during a collision or a roadside accident. Flying rocks and debris could be Read more »


3M Clear Bra Paint Protection – DIY?

3m clear bra paint protection diy

The paint protection product is something readily available for car owners. Many professionals are already certified to install it and ready to perform this service for you. As a car owner, you will have Read more »

Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept

Best damn Camaro in town!

best damn camaro in town

Perhaps Henry “Smokey” Yunick’s nickname should have been “Ironic.” There has forever been irony, mystery and incongruity associated with almost everything automotive he has ever accomplished, Read more »




Don’t expect tabloid-style new-year predictions here – no revelations about Elvis, earthquakes or O.J. But I do believe a couple of activities near to our hearts will go through explosive growth and/or Read more »


Quintessential hot roadster

quintessential hot roadster

I remember this incredible highboy, perhaps one of the country’s most famous hot rods, for several reasons. But what haunts me to this day is that I could have had it – for free. The rub was one of Read more »


Hotter than a Crackerjack

hotter than a crackerjack

If you want to know what a serious racer is, look at the ones who are ready to go when the temperatures get up in the high 90s while the track surface is boiling at nearly 140 degrees. That’s what happened Read more »


The Best Designs and Ideas for Racing Stripes

the best designs and ideas for racing stripes

When thinking about racing stripes, most people imagine the ones that pass through the front of the car and continue at the back. Although this is the traditional and most popular option, variations do Read more »


Mini Cooper Stripes: What are They?

mini cooper stripes what are they

Tuning stripes come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are actually one of the oldest tuning materials. The stripes have managed to stand the test of time and to remain the favorite of many vehicle Read more »


Everything You Need to Know about Vehicle Wraps

everything you need to know about vehicle wraps

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first p

Vehicle wraps are highly demanded, there is no doubt about it. What determines the popularity of this tuning material? It is based on several factors that Read more »

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